26 December 2010


02 December 2010

Form 4 Exercises (New)

Pls click the link to download the exercises. Write down all the answer in the questions paper.


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30 November 2010

SPM Physics: 2010 Hot Topics

Paper 2 SPM 2010 TIPS: Form4

Chap 1
Measuring instrument,zero error,sensitivity,accuracy

Chap 2
Linear graph,ticker tape, momentum,RESOLVING FORCES,
equilibrium forces,lift+gravity, conservation of energy, application of hooke's law

Chap 3
Gas & atmospheric pressure,manometer+barometer),application of archimedes, application of bernoulli

Chap 4
Thermometer specs & calibration,specific heat capacity(application)latent heat graph,charles +pressure law

Chap 5
Lenses (drawing & application:microscope), refraction + total internal reflection(drawing & application),
plane mirror stuff, curved mirror drawing & application

Paper 2 SPM 2010 TIPS: Form5

Chpt 1
Undrstanding wave graph,( frequency,period,wavelength), resonance,Wave diffraction ( for water,sound & light), Wave interference ( for water, sound & light)

Chpt 2
Electric field,Serise parallel application,Ohms Law, Emf & Internal resistance,Factors affecting resistance

Chpt 3
Electromagnet & Application(motor etc), catapult field+turning effect & application,
Induction & Application, (Lenz +Faradays law, generator & etc),transfromer & national grid

Chapt 4
CRO, diode waveform+doping,Transistor circuit(amplifier+switch)

Chapt 5
Radioactive decay & its radiation properties,Radioisotope application, Half Life, Fission, Fusion+Nuclear reactor

Paper 3 SPM 2010 Tips

Form 4
1. Experiment on physic's law..e.g gases law, etc
2. Experiment on physics' formula..e.g P=hpg , 1/f =1/u+1/v (light)

Form 5
1. Experiment of Interference of wave (water or sound or light wave)
2. Experiment of Electricity (Length of wire affect resistance or Thickness of wire affect resistance or temperature affect resistance)

10 August 2010


In essay question paper 2 section B and C, the question will provide you with a table of comparison. For example, if the will question ask you to choose a material from a table to build an electric kettle….then you are asked to choose the most suitable material.



The characteristics of the materials are used in the heating element in the kettle

Boiling point / 0C

Resistivity / 10-8 Wm







To score this section it’s easier if you to answer it by making a table of comparison like this:

Suitable Characteristic


High Boiling Point (1 mark)

Not easily melt (1 mark)

High Resistivity (1 mark)

It can produce more heat ( 1 mark)

Then you’ll choose which one is the most suitable and repeat its suitable characteristic.

Kettle W is most suitable coz it has high boiling point & high resistivity. [2 marks]

If you answer in table form, you are more focused and will go straight to the point.

Otherwise if you choose to write like typical english essay... there's a tendency for you to repeat the points.

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