30 November 2010

SPM Physics: 2010 Hot Topics

Paper 2 SPM 2010 TIPS: Form4

Chap 1
Measuring instrument,zero error,sensitivity,accuracy

Chap 2
Linear graph,ticker tape, momentum,RESOLVING FORCES,
equilibrium forces,lift+gravity, conservation of energy, application of hooke's law

Chap 3
Gas & atmospheric pressure,manometer+barometer),application of archimedes, application of bernoulli

Chap 4
Thermometer specs & calibration,specific heat capacity(application)latent heat graph,charles +pressure law

Chap 5
Lenses (drawing & application:microscope), refraction + total internal reflection(drawing & application),
plane mirror stuff, curved mirror drawing & application

Paper 2 SPM 2010 TIPS: Form5

Chpt 1
Undrstanding wave graph,( frequency,period,wavelength), resonance,Wave diffraction ( for water,sound & light), Wave interference ( for water, sound & light)

Chpt 2
Electric field,Serise parallel application,Ohms Law, Emf & Internal resistance,Factors affecting resistance

Chpt 3
Electromagnet & Application(motor etc), catapult field+turning effect & application,
Induction & Application, (Lenz +Faradays law, generator & etc),transfromer & national grid

Chapt 4
CRO, diode waveform+doping,Transistor circuit(amplifier+switch)

Chapt 5
Radioactive decay & its radiation properties,Radioisotope application, Half Life, Fission, Fusion+Nuclear reactor

Paper 3 SPM 2010 Tips

Form 4
1. Experiment on physic's law..e.g gases law, etc
2. Experiment on physics' formula..e.g P=hpg , 1/f =1/u+1/v (light)

Form 5
1. Experiment of Interference of wave (water or sound or light wave)
2. Experiment of Electricity (Length of wire affect resistance or Thickness of wire affect resistance or temperature affect resistance)