20 November 2013

Prediction Physics SPM 2013


1.        Chapter 1/F4: Micrometer screw gauge / vernier calipers 
2.        Chapter 2/F4: Energy and Work Done – Potential Enegry, Kinetic Enegry and Principle of Conservation of energy.
3.        Chapter 4: Gas Laws -  calculation and explanitation of kinetic theory of matter/
4.        Chapter 5/F4: Ray diagrams – concave & convex mirror/applications.
5.        Chapter 1/F5: Sound/Water wave/Light wave – interference and diffraction, concept, wave pattern and calculations.
6.        Chapter 2/F5: Electric cicuits, V= IR, Ohm’s Law/Efficiency
7.        Chapter 5/F5: Use of Radioisotopes/calculation of half life/graphs/definitions
8.        Chapter 4: Bernoulies /Archimedes
9.        Chapter 5/F4: Use of lens/telescope/microscope
10.     Chapter 4/F5: Semiconductor diode/rectification/Transistor/Relay switch/calculations
11.     Chapter 2/F4: Elasticity/Applications
12.     Chapter 5/F5: Transformer/explanation/calculation/dynamo

1.            Measuring instrument: Bourdon gauge/thermometer/micrometer screw gauge
2.            Questions about graphs/gradient/extrapolation/intrapolation/substitution of gradient/ remember to write units for all * see also Emf or Object distance on image size / focal length
3.            Pressure vs Area/Pressure vs Depth/Pressure vs Dencity/Archimedes principle/Refraction of light or apparent depth and real depth
4.            Electromagnetic induction